A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A two-player minimalist exploration game in which the players try to find each other in opposite worlds. 

Designers: Ariel Azuz, Mati Kalter, Jasmine Nackash
Developers: Ido Lazer, Ofek Mizrahi, Batsheva Schiff

Guidance: Barak Shelef, Eran Hilleli, Lior Bruder

Game Jam class, Bezalel 2020


Tryst.zip 82 MB
Tryst.rar 54 MB

Install instructions

This game operates on two screens. Please make sure you have an extra monitor connected to your computer upon starting the app.

It is best experienced using two joysticks but can be played instead using one keyboard.


Left Stick + A Button



Player 1 – Arrow Keys + M key

Player 2 – WASD + C key

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